6612 Woodcrest Drive // Troy, Michigan 48098-6518

TEL: 248 / 828-1669 // FAX: 248 / 828-4013


Look to Popplestone Investments, L.L.C. as your silent partner. We specialize in helping the smaller businesses to grow into larger businesses. In the process of starting a business or growing a small business into a large business it always seems that there is never enough cash or management talent to go around. We ask that you let us help you in this area.

Let us accelerate your cash-flows by buying your trade receivables. This will free up cash for your operations and expansion. We may cost you money at the time, but the payoff down the road will more than make up for it.

Should your growth plans become greater than your capital base can support, we ask that you consider taking us in as a partner. We would be interested in making an investment in your business and become one of the shareholders.

We can make the investment in whatever manner you require. We can simply purchase equity and have no further role with your business. Alternatively, we can also contribute administrative management services to your business - in short, the back room operations.

Regardless of what you need, we leave all operational decisions up to you. We want you to do what you know best. In most cases that is making and selling the product. We can do what you do not know or do not desire to spend time on. We can handle the administrative side of the business and accordingly free up your time for expanding the business.

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