6612 Woodcrest Drive // Troy, Michigan 48098-6518

TEL: 248 / 828-1669 // FAX: 248 / 828-4013


We specialize in assisting the smaller businesses with their capital budgeting requirements. No request is considered to small to be considered by us.

Before you commit your limited capital budget please contact us. Allow us to be your first choice for such things as your fleet assets and computers. This will free up your capital so you can better focus your limited resources on the required machinery to expand your business and remain as profitable as you wish to.

We strongly feel that each business should own the software used in its operations. Therefore, we will be more than glad to handle your hardware requirements, but we will not handle the software.

We can work with whatever venders you are dealing with. Alternatively, we can set you up with venders that we already have a established relationship with.

We are not a bank and we recognize that a bank would be your first choice. Unlike a bank, we are primarily concerned with the asset (s) you want to lease and your prospective future cash-flows. We are not overly concerned with what may have happen in the past nor the amount of collateral you have. We are interested in how you intend to proceed forward.

We know, if you had the cash and collateral, you would not need us or the bank. So, lets work together and arrive at a mutually agreeable lease arrangement.

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